Sunday, 8 March 2015

Aye...just remembered I still had this blog...

Originally named this blog : - (arty-farty extras) 

since I hadn't posted on it in ages, I thought I would have a revamp and change the Name completely to:  - (Tips and tricks in painting)

because that's what I hope it will be.

I'm in no way trying to be a teacher, I'm just a very keen amateur enjoying painting in Watercolour, Acrylics and Oils.  I hope that some of the things I have learned I can pass on to others.

Painting over the years, self taught for the most part, I have learnt a few things along the way, and hopefully continue to learn.  So I thought I would start adding those Tips and tricks here.  Someone might like to read it.....if anyone happens to be reading this in the first place of course!

For the first post in this revamp, I'm going to take a post from my blog    
this is
just to get things going....


Call them what you want, it's when the paint runs back on itself and eventually dries leaving what is known as   Run-backs - Blooms - Cauliflowers, all the same difference.  This is what I'm on about...

but don't panic.  
Some run-backs are good and I quite like to leave them if they are not
too obvious, it gives extra character (my reasoning not an excuse)!
 Leave the painting to TOTALLY dry and I mean
When you're ready to tackle it, you will need a pot of clean water, not one like this which was on my desk

Use a synthetic brush (they cope better with this and saves you ruining your sables)
Have kitchen towel on hand too

Wet the brush, but dab out the excess water then
rub over the 'run-back' area and quickly dab with the kitchen towel to dry the paper of
moisture and you have a painting minus run-back


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