Thursday, 12 March 2015

Double ended brush

I might have mentioned this before.....or did I only 'think' about doing this particular post item!?!

Anyway, bear with me  - Here's one of my cheap brushes (I wouldn't recommend doing this with expensive Sables)!, but this particular brush comes in handy for so many different areas of a painting...

I sharpened the other end of it with a pencil sharpener...

when I need to add some trees, fences, posts etc. to a landscape
just turn the brush round -
you don't have to go searching for 
the right tool, you have it there already
Depending on the effect you want ...
   If you go straight in on the wet paint (as with the example above) you get
a darker outline (basically the paint fills in the lines you have drawn)
 If I had waited a bit longer I could have got a whiter outline 

A useful brush to have if you are out and about painting and want to
keep your supplies to a minimum


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