Monday, 16 March 2015

Using the Copyright © symbol

If you want to use the



Press Alt + 0169
 (use the numbers on the right-hand side of your keyboard
NOT the ones along the top)



has given me another Tip on this
Copyright symbol

if you

Press Ctrl + Alt together then
press the letter C on your keyboard

you get 


(many thanks Judy for this additional tip)


Christine said...

Thanks for this tip! It works for me!

ann hyde said...

Glad it helped Christine. I've had one or two people asking how I did this recently, so thought it would make a good Tip here for people to add to their artwork.

Judy said...

I always use Cntr Alt c pressed all at once,,,,, ©.... easier to remember.

ann hyde said...

Now that's a very useful tip Judy, I didn't know about that one. Would you mind if I add it to the post with mention of your contribution.
Any tips you feel would be helpful here, do let me know, it would be good to build up information here.

sandy said...

I didn't know this - thanks so much!

ann hyde said...

So pleased this has been helpful Sandy ☺

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