Thursday, 23 April 2015

Lifting Paint

In this example I'll use a painting I've worked on recently.  There was an area I just wasn't happy with. 

This is the photo I used as reference, with thanks to an online friend for the use of ....

As you see from the photo, the chicken was actually sitting down fluffing it's feathers up...but in my painting it doesn't look like it is sitting.  

In simple terms: I had not added the foot properly and it bothered me.  So decided to 'lift' some paint out to create the foot, and hopefully it would then appear to be sitting.


1.  Wait for the paint to completely dry.  You can only do this technique successfully when the paint is totally dry.

2.  I used a small flat synthetic brush as it would give me more control and also enable the shape of the foot to be achieved.

3.  Using clear water on the brush I lightly scrubbed the area needed and then quickly used a kitchen towel to dry that area.   (If you don't dry it quickly, you will inadvertently find the water used will spread and create more problems, for example 'blooms').

An easy remedy - 
the chicken now looks like it is sitting.


madkatie said...

Wow! What a great site! I learn more from you than anything else!

ann hyde said...

Aww, thanks Hanalie :-)

Judy said...

Great safe of the painting!

ann hyde said...

Thanks Judy. I think as artists we are our own worst critiques sometimes - I couldn't leave this one alone until I was happy with it, lol :-)

robin cox walsh said...

Clever girl! :)

ann hyde said...

Cheers :-)

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