Sunday, 18 September 2016

It's all a matter of Observation

Easily said - easily forgotten

That certainly goes for painting.
As Artists we tend to observe the world slightly differently from others,
but we don't always remember to Look

Looking AROUND US at the every day 
what do we actually miss!

....example was our sun brolly in the garden....

"Was it really LOOKING at ME"!

 Easily missed, but made me THINK.


Judy said...

So funny! :)

robin cox walsh said...

Oh, I ALWAYS see things like this.....sometimes it can be very disturbing. (And then I miss obvious things like my neighbors house that burned down....go figure.... :-/)

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...

Thanks Judy and Robin - this was a photo I added to my own blog a while back, but thought it was a useful little extra to add here too :)

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