Monday, 13 February 2017

French Ultramarine Blue .v. Ultramarine Blue

Ever noticed that some paint manufacturers have

FRENCH Ultramarine Blue and also Ultramarine Blue

ever wondered what the difference is.

Well it's simple.  

FRENCH Ultramarine Blue is a purer, higher quality pigment paint


Ultramarine Blue 

it is more student grade (just as good but if you want to sell your artwork
then you should be using the better quality paints)


  1. Replies
    1. Not a generally known fact this, but useful when choosing between the two.

  2. Wow, I knew I preferred French Ultramarine for a reason! Actually, I like it better because it's more purple. At least the Qor French Ultramarine is.

    And thank you for the post on yellow ochre, I just ordered some M. Graham after seeing your chart, I like how it mixes.

    1. Hi Susie, glad this helped. Some manufacturers have slightly different 'tones' of colour, but I think it is personal preferences in the end. I keep going back to Winsor & Newton Professional tubes.

  3. I also prefer French Ultramarine, but did not know why. FUB from different brands can be very different in my experience.

    1. They can be different, the tones vary a lot. It's a case of finding the brand you prefer. Although I have some Schmincke and Daniel Smith, I keep going back to Winsor & Newton.