Thursday, 12 March 2015

Painting the planets

A bit of fun, but this turned out to be an interesting experiment,
and you never know what design or pattern you will end up with.
So, this is what I did...
with some scrunched up paper (the glossy magazine kind is best)
or just use a tissue scrunched up...
either option is good, and just dab it quickly on the paint
then take something small like a bottle top and hold it on the painting....
and paint around the outside with some dark paint...
when you lift that off you have a planet...
then I just blended the edges a bit and
splattered white for more planets in the galaxy...
although I do wonder if 
I have a problem
when the Shape I see in one exercise
looked a bit like a
Or am I becoming a bit


  1. Ann - I do this also - I found out that to play around with the paint I had left was fun! This is one of the times I did it.

    1. It's a fun technique isn't it Sandy. Thanks for sharing your link☺

  2. and a real goofy one

    1. Your paintings are really good Sandy, thanks for the link ☺