Sunday, 3 May 2015


Worried about how to draw an object or scene.  Go back to basics.  Look for the SHAPE.  Some objects have more than one Shape, so if you can see them, then draw them. Overlapping, or whatever....give it a try.

If you look at the  picture you will start to see these shapes in various other places.

Once you start to Look For Shapes, you will see them more readily.  Of course, some are obvious:

Although this next photo is a complicated scene, it can be broken down into simple Shapes.

 I bet you look at this picture and start finding those shapes!
If anyone would like to use this photo for a painting then please feel free to use it.


robin cox walsh said...

I’ve been trying to do this but then my left brain takes over……. : (
(I gotta ask…why is there a big silver ball on top of that beach hut?)

ann hyde said...

Keep practicing Robin, your left brain will catch up ;)

The silver dome is called a camera obscura and was on the beach for a festival. I found a little info about it here:

robin cox walsh said...

Oh, I remember now. Thanks for the link! :)

ann hyde said...

----- Ba Dum Tssh----- ;)

sandy said...

good to know - i've never taken art classes so i'm learning from what you put up..thanks

ann hyde said...

Hope the tips help you Sandy. I'm in no way an Art Teacher, but I like to share the things that I've learned along the way :-)

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