Friday, 15 January 2016

When paint bursts into blooms and cauliflowers

Call them what you will...Watercolour paint will spread and do it's own thing if you are not careful.
Some call them 'blooms' others refer to them as 'cauliflowers'.

Okay, I've already done a blog post on this, but since it is a recurring issue with artists, especially those first learning, I felt it was worth another post here.

In this example painting of a Lighthouse, you'll notice that there is a darker area representing a window on the body of the building.  I did this Whilst the other paint was WET, and yet it didn't spread > bloom > cauliflower. 

This was possible because when I added the window, I used a thicker consistency of paint, thus the weight  of the paint being added was heavier than the paint it was going into, and hence it didn't spread.  

~ I hope this blog post is of help ~


  1. I did not know that, nice to learn something new! My method is: learn to love the cauliflowers and use them in your painting. :)

  2. I've read that somewhere before but forgotten about it. Useful knowledge! Thanks!