Friday, 12 August 2016

Never mix paint with your best brush

If you have special brushes - i.e. kolinsky sables or even mixed synthetics with very good points

see pics...

You really will not want to be ruining those beautiful pointy tips.  I can assure you, if you start mixing paint with them, those tips will be no more!    Always mix your paint with a lesser brush, sometimes I use a very cheap oil bristle brush or similar, for mixing paint.  That way it doesn't matter if the brush gets ruined.


  1. Good tip! (but in the 'heat' of the moment I forget....) :-/

  2. I never do that, and have to buy a new pointed brush every year. So I'll try your method from now on, great tip!

    1. This is a tip from Experience Judy, lol...I think most of us have fallen fowl of the ruined brush point due to mixing with it.