Friday, 2 September 2016

Applying Masking Tape

The usual recommendation for adding masking tape to paper, is place it on your clothes takes off the excess stickiness and allows you to remove the tape from the paper without tearing it.

Although a problem with that method is, you can often lift the pile from the clothes onto the tape...not so good.

I find it better to run your hands over the masking tape, that takes off the excess stickiness very effectively and the tape still comes off the paper easily.

~ job done ~


robin cox walsh said...

I always forget this step until it's already down on the paper...... :-/ Thanks for reminding me!

Judy said...

Very useful, some masking tape is stickier than others, so I'll try your tip next time. Thanks!

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...

Yes, tell me about it...guess that's how I have this tip in the first place, lol ;)

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...

Hope you find it helpful Judy, it sorted out the issue I had with material bits sticking :)


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