Thursday, 18 May 2017

Warm and Cool tones in paintings

The balance of a painting....

This is part of a blog post I added a couple of years ago to my main blog (, but I thought it would be helpful here too.

Warm and Cool tones in paintings. 

My example is this sketch of Barnstaple bridge.

Pen + watercolour 
plus I added a small amount of detail with
my Sailor Calligraphy pen

Note:   The majority of this painting is in cool tones:

So to balance that out I added the warm red stripe on the boat.

Equally, if a painting is mainly warm tones,
then offset it with some COOL colours

It all helps the BALANCE of a painting.



robin cox walsh said...

The Yin/Yang of watercolor! You're so zen! ;)

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...



Don't throw out those scraps of paper! It is always worth keeping them 1.  For testing paint colours and 2. Ideas  ...