Monday, 16 October 2017

It has been a while since I posted a TIP AND TECHNIQUE

Here's a question somebody asked recently about skin tone

Question: "What colours do you use in watercolour for skin tones?"

For me, it is always BURNT SIENNA

(Winsor & Newton in my opinion have the best tone of this colour and 
I use it regularly.

In the above example I have tried to show the varying tones that can be achieved with clear water added.

(please note that some artists find other manufacturers just as good,
but in my humble honest opinion the W & N one wins hands down)



  1. Have to agree about the burnt sienna even though it is a mix of pigments...nothing comes close to the colour in my opinion either. I especially like it mixed with Prussian or Pthalo Turquoise, mixed on the paper or the brush not in the palette....

    1. Hi Judith, yes I find Burnt Sienna very versatile. I think it’s the one colour I use the most. I was disappointed with the (brownness) of the Daniel Smith version. Whereas the Winsor & Newton is much redder, cleaner looking. It helps being transparent too of course. Like yourself, I add other colours to it and like it with Winsor Blue (red shade) for a deep green......ahhhh the wonders of watercolours.

  2. Thanks for this fantastic tip!

  3. ............and I thought it was going to be complicated! Thank you for posting

    1. There's one rule I have with watercolour - Keep it Simple :)