Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Starting a sketch

Sketching a subject that may seem complicated,
can actually be split down into simple lines.

As with this painting of William in the sea.

Here's my initial outline, I kept it Simple

then outlined William with ink pen

and then added watercolour

As you see, it is a simple sketch.

With the sea, I put on one layer of watercolour and waited for that to dry,
then added a slightly darker tone - again waited for that to dry 
and finally a few dabs of much darker blue.



robin cox walsh said...

You make everything look so easy. I know it's not quite that simple.... ;)

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...

Practise Practise Practise.....eye hand coordination goes on auto ;)

Judy Barends said...

Yes... practise practise.... I know.

ann hyde Useful Painting Tips said...


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