Cleaning Palettes - Watercolour & Acrylic

Cleaning up a palette

This is a tip I saw online some time ago and
having tried it myself, I found it does work.
(I think it was the
artist Jeremy Ford, but having searched online I've been
unable to find his reference to it)
We've all been there,
the palette got messy, so we clean it up,
but it leaves a stain.
Of course, porcelain palettes clean up pretty good, 
it's the plastic palettes I'm referring to.
there is a simple and easy solution to it...
Cooking Oil
Just add a few drops to a tissue.
You will need to give it a firm wipe,
but it does clean up
_______________________________________________ Once Acrylic paint has dried on your palette, it can be very difficult to remove.   That's why I use a PLASTIC disposable plate, with a shiny surface for mixing my acrylics....

~ you see it has a shiny surface ~

Then it ends up looking like this after I've been adding paint...

When you have finished using the paint,
and it has dried on completely,
that's when it is the easiest to remove.


 I just use a damp cloth 
to clean up any tiny bits left behind.


  1. That cooking oil tip sounds great. I was wondering how to get my plastic palette clean.

  2. Great ideas but how does one subscribe to your blog?
    ~ Ashleigh Willing

    1. Hi Ashleigh....if you take a look in the right-hand column at the top, you'll see a 'Follow by email' icon. Just add your email and you will be notified when I post on this blog. Also, there is a 'Followers' icon in the right-hand column too. Hope this info helps.