Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Oh my...didn't realise it's been so long since I last added any posts here!!!

So, just in case anyone still stops by

here's something about one of my favourite sketchbooks



I have bought the last couple of sketchbooks via Amazon, 

Seawhite of Brighton
have their own website
(I've actually visited their shop, they have loads of stuff there)

The concertina sketchbooks have good quality paper the take watercolour well.

When you have completed one side,

you simple turn it around and go the other way.

Now, there's an interesting thing.  When you turn the book and go back filling a new side, you aren't painting on the Back of the previous drawings....the pages in the sketchbook are Double sided, which helps prevent any marker pens bleeding through your previous drawing (marker pens tend to do that sometimes, so be aware).

Here's the book opened out

A useful tip, when you start using your book

1.   Mark it on the front with a small symbol

otherwise, each time you go to use it, you will be turning it around and around trying to find the start of it.  By adding a mark, you never have to waste time again and it makes life so much easier.  I'm all about that aren't you?

(I just put a squiggly line on this one)

2. I've added a short video showing when one side of the sketchbook is filled
and then start on the other side.

 ~ Hope you found this a help ~

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